If we are telling God's Story, shouldn't He be the focus?
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Meet Tru

Tru is a dynamic, spiritually forming, and family-empowered ministry philosophy that offers a vibrant weekend curriculum, as well as other family resources that meet the specific needs of today's generation. Tru is uniquely created to inspire, equip, and support parents and church leaders in their ministry to children. Sign up for a 1 quarter free trial and immediately start to experience the difference with Tru.

Tru is a fully downloadable curriculum offering a variety of plans to best suit the unique needs of your church. All plans include access to the Tru member website where you can access lessons, resources, and media. Here and on the Tru ministry site, truministry.com, members can find Tru communities and interact with other Tru users.

The monthly price of your Tru membership is based on features, not on average class size.

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7 Pillars
Family Is Primary

God’s Design for faith replication is through the context of the family (Deut. 6; Ps. 78) while the church plays a supportive/equipping role to this endeavor (Eph. 4:12).

Spiritual Formation

Kids need a strong foundation of biblical knowledge in an environment where they can encounter the living God. Children open their hearts to God, learn to discern His voice, have a desire to obey Him, and do so in the power of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 2:13).

Holy Spirit is the Teacher

Parents and leaders have the opportunity to create "environments" where the Holy Spirit is free to move, teach, and lead (Jn. 14:26).

Authority of Scripture

The Bible is God's truth for daily living. God's Word holds instructions and inspiration that guides children to know God and interpret their lives through the lens of His will (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

The Big God Story

"The Big God Story" is God's ENTIRE story. It incorporates all of history, stretching from Genesis to Revelation and beyond. Kids understand that they not only play a part in this incredible story, but are also part of a much larger faith community of past, present, and future believers.


Because it is one story with the emphasis on God's love and redemption through Jesus (Col. 1:20), not the supporting cast in any given storyline (eg. "God Is Victorious" vs "David and Goliath").

Ministry Support

A TruCommunity of ministry leaders from around the globe inspires, equips, and supports other ministry leaders to transform the lives of children.

Tru is created in a unique partnership with David C Cook, ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, CA, and a national network of family and children’s ministry leaders from across the country. Every time you use a Tru resource, know that it’s been developed, tested, and shaped by actual churches and ministry leaders.

Spiritual development can and should begin from the earliest age with parents as the primary nurturers of their children’s faith.

Tru equips children’s ministry leaders with practical tools to help parents build confidence and become more involved in the spiritual development of their kids.

"Inspire, equip, and support" are three words you’ll see throughout Tru. We believe these three concepts encapsulate the mission of Tru. We seek to inspire, equip, and support churches as they do the same for their families.

For Parents

Tru provides families with materials to help them connect as a family and grow together spiritually.

HomeFront, a spiritual parenting resource, provides opportunities for families to come together and experience storytelling, God’s Word, new family traditions, fun games, recipes, family blessings, prayer, and more.

Free App for Parents
Introducing the first-ever mobile app for parents. HomeFront, a spiritual parenting resource, is also available as a FREE app in the App Store or Android Market. Learn more at www.homefrontmag.com

Age Levels & Lesson Structure
Toddlers 2s & 3s

TruBlessings offers young children and their parents the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, celebrate God together, and discover God’s Word. Children will Explore, Discover, Respond to God, and be Blessed by their leaders and parents as they learn about and experience God.
TruBlessings is on a One Year Scope & Sequence and is included in the Combo Unlimited membership for free.

Download the TruBlessings Scope & Sequence
Download a TruWonder Sample Lesson
Preschool & Kindergarten

TruWonder reveals the WONDER of who God is for preschool and kindergarten-age kids, allowing them to explore together using creative, interactive activities, responses, and storytelling. Through both formats—TruWonder Large Group/Small Group and TruWonder Sunday School—preschoolers and kindergarteners will have the chance to discover more about God and respond to His Holy Spirit.

Download the Tru Wonder Scope & Sequence
Download a TruWonder Sample Lesson

TruStory reveals God’s redemptive plan through the telling of The Big God Story. Elementary kids, grades first through sixth, will be given the chance to experience God through exciting activities, meaningful times of response and blessing, creative storytelling and more. TruStory’s two formats—TruStory Large Group/Small Group and TruStory Sunday School offer elementary kids the chance to experience God in the format that works best for their community.

Download the TruStory Scope & Sequence
Download a TruStory Sample Lesson
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